Terms & Conditions

Booking conditions

By paying the registration fee, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

How to book training with Ride nordic?

You may book training with Ride Nordic by filling out the registration form on the web site. You may also book by phone or e-mail.

Registration fee and grand total

After registering you will receive a confirmation with a registration fee invoice of 1 500 SEK per person. This should be paid within 10 days from receiving the confirmation. The total must be paid no later than 30 days before the training. If you book later than 30 days before the training, the total amount must be paid within 3 days from receiving the confirmation.

Driver’s license

All participants must have a valid driver’s license for a heavy motorcycle (A).

Cancellation of training

Cancellations must be done as soon as a hindrance occurs.

How much do I have to pay, if I am forced to cancel my training?

When canceling more than 30 days before the training, the participant must pay the registration fee as a cancellation fee.
Cancellation 30-15 days before the training: 50 % of the full amount.
Cancellation less than 15 days before the training: 100% of the full amount, no refund.

What happens if the training is canceled?

If Ride Nordic cancels the training, the full amount of the payment will be returned to participants. This is usually notified at least 14 days before the training but can occur as late as 7 days before. Ride Nordic is not liable for other costs for the trip, such as for example flight tickets and train tickets.

Other changes

Changes involving a different starting date, length of the training or other changes, are considered a cancellation and a new booking.


The participant is required to have health and accident insurance that also covers motorcycle riding. Insurance documents must be presented upon demand.

Damage and insurance on the bike

Our bikes are well protected with Touratech -crash bars, engine guards, radiator and headlight protectors etc. Smaller scratches (if you, for example, drop the bike) are usually “included” in the price of the training. If you cause damage that requires changing of parts you simply pay for the changed part. If you for example brake a clutch lever, you pay for a clutch lever.
Our bikes are fully insured and if you cause bigger damage to the bike the excess is 20 000 SEK. If you choose to add  excess elimination (cost for this is stated in the booking) you lower the maximum excess from 20 000 SEK to 0 SEK.

Changes in the program

Ride Nordic reserves the right to change information in brochures and on the website. Ride Nordic also reserves the right to carry out changes to the terms and conditions regarding the training.


We do not guarantee the accuracy on any other sites than the ones of Ride Nordic. This also applies to external links.


Price reduction or damage claims must be presented to Ride Nordic as soon as possible, and no later than two months after completing the training. Ride Nordic reserves the right to change prices and the program for the training and does not answer for possible typing errors.