Terms & conditions

Travel conditions

By paying the registration fee, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet

Everyone selling or marketing something that falls under the travel guarantee law must set up a travel guarantee at Kammarkollegiet, to protect their travelers. The quantity of the guarantee may vary during the year depending on when tours are organized. Check our travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet here: (search for  Ride Nordic AB or Org.nr. 556988-8885)

Check our travel guarantee

How to book a tour with Ride Nordic?

You can book a tour with Ride Nordic by filling out the booking form on the website. You can also book by phone or via email.

Registration Fee and Final Payment

After your booking, we will send you a confirmation email. The e-mail shows how you pay the registration fee of SEK 10,000 per participant. This must be paid within 7 days after the confirmation received for your place not to be canceled. The final payment must be made no later than 90 days before the start of the trip. When booking later than 90 days before the trip, the full cost of the tour must be paid within 3 days for your place not to be canceled.

Flight tickets

Flight to the destination is not included in the price of the tour and is booked and paid by the participant him-/herself. It is also the participant’s responsibility to notify Ride Nordic when it is expected to arrive at the airport. Transfer from/to the airport is usually included in the price of the tour unless otherwise stated.


All participants must have a valid passport. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the planned return.

Driving License

In order to be able to participate on our tours as a rider, you must hold and present a valid drivers license for heavy motorcycle (A).

Tour Cancellation

In the event of cancellation more than 90 days before the start of the tour, the participant must pay the registration fee in cancellation cost.
Cancellation 90-45 days before the tour starts, cost 50% of the tour price.
Cancellation less than 45 days before the start of the tour, cost 100% of the price.

What if the trip is set?

If Ride Nordic chooses to cancel the tour, 100% of the cost will be refunded. This is usually announced at least 90 days before the start of the tour but can be done as late as 7 days before. Ride Nordic cannot be held responsible for any other lost costs, such as tickets, hotels etc. in connection with canceled tour.

Change OF BOOKED tour

Changes that involve another destination or new date are to be considered as a cancellation and new order.

Changing OF the Price

Ride Nordic has the right to raise the price of the tour if increases in cost have occurred due to changes in transport costs, changes in taxes, duties, fees or changes in exchange rates. The price increase is normally announced before the final payment is made, but in exceptional cases can also be charged later, but no later than 45 days before departure.

Travel Insurance

The traveler is obliged to have adequate sickness and accident insurance that also covers motorcycle riding and possible home transportation. Evidence of such should be displayed on demand.


Our bikes are well protected by Touratech Crash bars, engine guards, radiator and headlight protectors etc. Smaller scratches and scuffs (if you drom your bike, for example) are usually not charged. If you cause any damage that requires us to change parts, you simply pay for the damaged part, neither more nor less. If you, for example, break a clutch lever, you pay for a clutch lever.
All our bikes are fully insured and if you cause larger damage the excess is 30 000SEK.  If you scoose to add excess elimination (cost for this is stated in the booking) you lower the  maximum excess from 30 000 SEK to 0 SEK.

Cancellation INSURANCE

We recommend that all our customers review what protection they have through their home insurance. Usually, there is cancellation insurance covering the entire amount or a certain amount. If this insurance does not cover the entire amount, there is sometimes an opportunity to upgrade this with the insurance company.


Ride Nordic cannot be responsible for any timetable changes. Therefore, take the habit of always checking with the current airline and reaffirming your reservation. Ride Nordic is not responsible for any missed flights due to changed timetables or delayed flights.


If your luggage is damaged or lost during the flight, you must report it immediately upon arrival at the airport. That is a prerequisite for being able to make a claim to be processed. The airlines have their own rules for disbursement that will cover any purchase of necessary items.

Program changes

Ride Nordic reserves the right to make changes to the information in brochures and on the website without further notice. Ride Nordic also reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions that apply to the trip without further notice.


We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided on other websites than Ride Nordic own. This also applies to links to other pages.

Limitation period

Requirements for price reductions or damages shall be submitted to the Ride Nordic as soon as possible and no later than two months after the trip has been completed.


Data management
The personal data is available for those who work with customer-related data and marketing at Ride Nordic. Furthermore, information such as delivery address and ordered product items can be forwarded to our suppliers in cases where we send from an external party. You have the right to request access to, rectification and deletion of personal data, limitation of personal data and sensitive personal data. In order to have a valid bookkeeping, certain information can by law not always be deleted.

Changing or deleting personal data
If you have previously given us consent to collect and store your personal data, you have the right to contact us to revoke this. You can contact us via e-mail if you have a request for personal information. If so, please contact us from the e-mail you have previously used when you have visited us, or we would otherwise like you to be able to identify yourself to ensure your identity.

Please note that you always have the right to complain to the Data Inspectorate if you feel that we are deficient in our handling of personal data, but of course, we are grateful if you can primarily contact us so that we have the opportunity to improve.

Action Plan
If we suspect that something has occurred that affects personal data, such as an intrusion attack against a database, the Data Inspection will be notified within 72 hours together with the following information:
What information is concerned
The number it affects
Potential consequences
Measures were taken and planned actions are taken
If the incident can lead to people being exposed to serious risks such as theft, fraud or discrimination, the victims will also be informed. If we do not consider that such a risk exists, an assessment is made on a case-by-case basis whether the victim is to be informed and, if so, which method to use. All incidents involving personal data will be documented.

Personal data handling regarding quotation, agreements, customer meetings, and ordering
Personal information and related information that can be collected by quotation, agreement, customer meetings, and order:
First name
Phone number
Personal information and related information about an order or quotation is stored in our accounting system with the purpose of following the Accounting Act and for maintaining a business relationship between the customer and Ride Nordic. Personal data linked to orders in our financial system are stored for at least 7 years according to the Accounting Act.

Visitors who signed up for newsletters on the website and customers who purchased products or experiences from us are registered in our online-based newsletter program. The purpose is to be able to send newsletters and targeted offers. The information in this system is stored by Paloma, Åsgatan 63, 776 31 Hedemora. This system contains only email address if you do not even register your name when registering on our websites. We believe that you who have acted/acted on our behalf have a fundamental interest in our products/services and that we have a customer relationship. There is always a link at the bottom of our newsletters for those who wish to unsubscribe from our mailings.

The information for an order is collected primarily through the form that the user himself fills in on the cash register page in the webshop, but can also be done via e-mail, forms on the website or in some cases telephone.

Personal information related to suppliers is saved in our accounting system in order to be able to maintain a business relationship between the supplier and Ride Nordic. The information is used to communicate with the supplier and primarily concerns orders and prices. The information is saved as long as we consider us to have a customer relationship or until an agreement has expired. Personal information and related information that we store applicable suppliers:
First name
Phone number
Company Name
Company Address
Bankgiro / plusgiro

We use Google Analytics. It is a statistical tool that is used to analyze how our visitors use the page. This means that information is collected about which pages you visit, the number of clicks and similar information. The IP address and personal information are automatically anonymized by Google for not identifying a user. If your browser is set to allow cookies then we interpret that you agree that we may place cookies on your computer. You can change this yourself by not allowing cookies in the browser.

Ride Nordic reserves the right for any printing errors / typos, price and program changes