Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms

When you pay your registration fee, you accept the following terms.

As event organizer we are required to:

– You will receive a written confirmation of your booking via E-mail.
– You receive documents and information about where the key is collected in good time, but not necessarily more than 30 days before the agreed arrival date.
– The accommodation/event is in accordance with the description.
– You are informed of any significant changes that affect your booking.
– You may dispose of the accommodation from 15:00 ((3.00PM) on the day of arrival.
– You may dispose of the accommodation until 11:00 AM on the day of departure.

How do I book a place at Adventure Days?

To book your place at Adventure Days, fill out the booking form at the website. You can also book by phone or via e-mail.


The participant is obliged to have sickness and accident insurance that also covers motorcycle riding and at least the traffic insurance on the vehicle you ride during the event. Ride Nordic, BMW Motorrad or Säfsen Resort can never be held responsible for any personal injury or vehicle damage during Adventure Days. It is the participant’s obligation to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Registration Fee and Final Payment

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation with payment information via E-mail. The registration fee is SEK 2500 per person and must be paid within 7 days. The final payment must be made no later than 60 days before the event. When booking later than 60 days before the event, the full amount must be paid within 3 days. The total amount must always be paid before the event starts.

If you do not pay the registration fee or final payment in time, we cancel your booking, and then the rules for cancellation apply.

Cancellation of Adventure Days

Cancellation must be made immediately when obstacles for participation arise. Cancellations are made in writing to us.

What does it cost to cancel?

In case of cancellation more than 60 days before the event, the participant/participants must pay the registration fee.
Cancellation 60-30 days before the event: 50% of the event fee.
Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the event. 100% of the event fee.

Protection for Cancellation

You can protect yourself against the cancellation cost by signing cancellation insurance. It costs SEK 500 / person and means that in some cases you can cancel until the day before the event starts for a handling fee of SEK 500 and the cost of the cancellation insurance.

The cancellation protection applies in the following cases, which may not have been known when you booked:
– Deaths, illnesses, or serious accidents that have affected yourself, spouse, cohabiting, family or fellow travelers.
– Invitation to the armed forces or civil defense.
– There is another serious incident outside your control, which you could not predict when you booked and which means that it is not reasonable to request that you stick to your booking.

You must be able to prove your impediment with certificates from eg doctors, authorities or insurance companies. The certificate should be sent to us as soon as possible, preferably within one week of the cancellation date. The cancellation insurance fee is not refunded on cancellation.

Change Booking

When changing the accommodation form or changing the participant on a booking, a changeing fee of SEK 500 is charged

What if the event is canceled?

If Ride Nordic chooses to cancel the event, 100% of the cost will be refunded. This is usually announced at least 60 days before the event starts, but can be done as late as 7 days before. Ride Nordic cannot be held responsible for any other costs, such as tickets, hotels etc.