We are now Ride Nordic!

Changes at Touratech – faster deliveries and more experiences

For 15 years, Touratech Nordic & Touratech Experience has provided Nordic customers with accessories and motorcycle experiences. It is now time to take both companies into the future.


Touratech Nordic becomes part of Touratech GmbH

Sales and deliveries of Touratech products to the Nordic region will from July 1, 2021 take place directly from Touratech GmbH’s production facility in Germany.

“In recent years, Touratech GmbH has created a state-of-the-art delivery, support and logistics facility in Germany. Allowing deliveries to the Nordic region to go directly from Germany to the customer is a natural development that ensures easy access and fast deliveries also in the future “– says David Johansson CEO

Instead of one dedicated Touratech shop in Sweden, a dealer network will now be set up in the Nordic region. This will allow Nordic customers local access to the products, regardless the country they live in.

Touratech Nordic will continue operations as usual until June 30, 2021 when the store in Lidköping closes. However, Touratech Nordic staff are available for deliveries, support and assistance during a transitional period even after July 1, 2021.


Touratech Experience becomes Ride Nordic

Together with these changes, David Johansson, CEO of Touratech Nordic and Touratech Experience, will take the experience business to a new level.

“In the early 2000s, I rode my motorcycle from Sweden to South Africa. A journey of 30 000 km and just as many experiences! This tour was the reason I started Touratech Nordic 15 years ago and Touratech Experience a few years later. The time has now come to drop product sales, so that my team and I can focus 100% on riding experiences for our fantastic customers! ” – says David Johansson

The company will expand with several new tours and trainings in the upcoming years. The partnership with BMW Motorrad is deepened, one example is the BMW Motorrad Nordic Safari, which takes the participants to new exciting locations in the Nordic region every year. Another example is On Road (asphalt) training and tours, in the Nordic region and abroad, which will be in the program from 2022.

“To develop new experiences together with BMW Motorrad and their dealers in the Nordics is something we really are looking forward to! We will also have a continued cooperation with Touratech GmbH and several of our “old” colleagues around the world, but only on the experience side as a certified Touratech A.R.T.T. partner. ” – continues David Johansson

Together with these changes, Touratech Experience AB will change its name to Ride Nordic AB. However, this does not affect the business. David Johansson is still 100% owner of the company. All tours, trainings, experiences and certifications remain. Organization number, travel guarantees, premises, staff, etc. is the same as before.

As a Touartech Experience customer, you do not have to do anything at all – apart from getting used to a new company name, new logo and even more exciting experiences!