Algarve Mountains – Single room for everyone, for free!

Europe is finally starting to open up and we can travel again. Even though most of us are now fully vaccinated, we can not completely let go of the guard down when it comes to COVID-19, and must of course take care also this winter. We have therfore decided that everyone who goes to Portugal with us this winter (both in November and February & March) will get their own room and their own toilet / bath at no extra cost (value SEK 4,900).

The fact that right now you can also get a direct flight from, for example, Oslo or Stockholm to Faro / Algarve (round trip) for less than SEK 2,000 does not make things worse! Portugal is one of the countries with the highest number of fully vaccinated in Europe (5th place after Iceland, Denmark, Malta & Ireland – source ECDC CW36) which also feels good.

PS. of course we also upgrade all of you who have already booked our tour Algarve Mountains to single room!

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