Bikes & Gear

We have about 30 BMW GS of the latest models available for you. Our motorcycles are equipped with all the options from the factory so you have the opportunity to test all functions during the training. If you are looking to buy a new GS there is no better test ride! Several of the models are also available with lowered suspension and low seats.

Of course, you are welcome to complete the training on your own motorcycle if you wish, regardless of brand and model. It should, however, be an offroad/adventure model and must be insured, with paid tax, inspected and approved for use on public roads. If you choose to use your own motorcycle, you should be prepared for the fact that you will drop it during the training, so proper crash bars and a robust engine guard are recommended.

Damage and insurance

Our bikes are well protected with Touratech crash bars, engine guards, radiator and headlight protectors etc. Smaller scratches (if you, for example, drop the bike) are usually “included” in the price of the training. If you cause damage that requires changing parts you simply pay for the changed part. If you, for example, brake a clutch lever, you pay for a clutch lever.

All our bikes are fully insured and if you cause bigger damage to the bike the excess is 20 000 SEK. If you choose to add excess elimination (cost for this is stated in the booking) you lower the maximum excess from 20 000 SEK to 0 SEK.

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Riding gear

All participants must use full protection gear to participate in our training’s. This includes an approved integral or motocross helmet (flip-up helmets must be closed during all riding), an approved back protector, shoulder protectors, elbow protectors, knee protectors, gloves (thinner motocross- or adventure gloves are recommended for best control and feeling) and sturdy motocross boots. Touring boots are not recommended since they do not protect your foot very well if the motorcycle falls on it.

If you are unsure about your equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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What tires are suitable?

All our bikes are equipped with gravel tires suitable for both gravel and asphalt. The advantage of a gravel tires are that you get shorter braking distance on gravel and better grip on slippery and loose surfaces such as mud and grass.

If you ride your own bike, regular asphalt tires work well during our BASIC training, although it may be a bit slippery in places if it’s wet. For ADVANCED, however, it is a strong recommendation that you ride on gravel tires such as Continental TKC 80, Metzeler Karoo 3, Michelin Anakee Wild, Pirelli Scorpion Rally or similar.

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How to choose motorcycle?

Do not let the engine size and weight scare you, all the GS models we offer are easy to ride, even if you as a rider are not very tall. A R1250 GS is in reality  as easy to ride, or even easier, than the smaller models, thanks to a very low center of gravity and engine torque, which reduces the risk of stalling the engine.

Our training offers tips and tricks on how to handle the motorcycle if your legs are not quite long enough, so you don’t have to worry even if you can’t reach the ground. If you feel unsure about the choice of motorcycle, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to give tips and advice! Several factory lowered models are also available if you want a lowered model or low saddle, enter it in the booking.

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Currently available models

Parallel twin that is easy to ride and has low seat height. A good entry machine with 77hp and 83Nm at 6000 rpm. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders. Seat height from 790-815mm.

Basically the same motorcycle as the F750 GS but with more power, longer suspension travel and larger front wheels for better accessibility in tougher terrain. 95hp and 86nm at 6 250rpm. Suitable for riders with a little more experience. Seat height from 835-860mm.

The Adventure model of the F850 GS with 95hp and 86Nm at 6 250rpm. It has a bigger fuel tank, larger fairings and offers more comfort on the longer adventure rides. Suitable for riders with a little more experience. Seat height 875mm.

BMW’s flagship! Two-cylinder water-cooled boxer with 136hp and 143Nm at 6.250rpm. Although it may seem big, this is one of the most easy-to-ride models with relatively low seat height. Suitable for both beginners and riders with more experience. Seat height from 820-870mm.

Despite its size, this is one of the most easy-to-use models on the market and our recommendation if you are a beginner.


The adventure bike number 1. Two-cylinder water-cooled boxer of 136hp and 143Nm at 6.250rpm. Larger fuel tank and longer suspension travel than R1250 GS, as well as crash bars and spoked wheels as standard. Suitable for riders with a little more experience. Seat height from 890-910mm.