2 Days rider training

The next step after rider training OFFROAD BASIC. This training is held for two days, and suitable for those who use the motorcycle as a tool for adventure and wants to ride safe and relaxed in tougher terrain. More advanced exercises are mixed with scenarios that can occur during the adventure tour. We also teach you some more exciting techniques such as the basics of brake- & power slides.

We adopt the exercises individually so you can grow at your own pace and feel properly challenged. We stay mainly at our training area, but a few short trips to apply what we have learned, are also included.

This training is aimed for those who have already completed our OFFROAD BASIC training or been on our adventure tours.

  • If you book a Rider Training, Adventure Tour or Adventure Days that is canceled due to COVID-19, you will always be able to choose between re-booking or getting a full refund!
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Incluced in ADVANCED training

  • Warm-up on the motorcycle and advanced riding positions
  • Emergency Braking. How to use front and rear brakes effectively
  • The function of ABS. Should it be switched off and when?
  • Cornering and counterbalancing at speed on a rallycross track
  • Stopping and turning around on a slope
  • Braking and stopping downhill
  • Riding ruts on sports enduro track
  • Brake slides
  • Elephant turns
  • Off-camber riding
  • Sand riding
  • Riding technique training on a motocross track

Note that the exercises above are to be seen as examples. The training will be adapted individually depending on the participants.

Ride your own bike or rent from us

Our training are suitable for all offroad and adventure motorcyclists, and you are welcome regardless of the brand and model of your motorcycle. You can ride your own motorcycle or any of our new BMW GS models. All you need to participate is a driver’s license for heavy motorcycles and riding gear.

30 new GS

We have around 30 BMW GS of the latest model available for you. Everything from the F750 GS to the R1250 GS Adventure. We also have factory-lowered models and models with higher sports suspension. We dare to say that there is no better opportunity to test ride the new GS models! Of course, you are welcome to participate in the training on your own motorcycle if you wish, regardless of brand and model. It should, however, be an offroad/adventure model and must be insured, with paid tax, inspected and approved for riding on public roads.

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Official BMW Motorrad Partner

We are an official BMW Motorrad Partner and all our instructors have long experience. Our chief instructor is one of few BMW IIA trained instructors (BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy).


Select one of the days to read more.

  • From 08.00 – Meet at Ride Nordic, sign in, dress up
  • 08.30-12.00 – Welcome meeting, presentation, exercises and morning coffee
  • 12.00-12.45 – Lunch
  • 12.45-16.30 – Exercises and afternoon coffee
  • 18.30-20.30 – Dinner and information about our tours at Restaurant Feeling
  • From 08.00 – We meet at Ride Nordic, dress up
  • 08.30-12.00 – Exercises and morning coffee
  • 12.00-12.45 – Lunch
  • 12.45-14.00 – Exercises and final challenges
  • 14.00-14.30 – End of training and issuing of certificates
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Hotel Edward

Food & Hotel


The training fee includes lunch & coffee both days as well as a 2-course dinner and non-alcoholic drink the evening between the training days. For dinner we eat at restaurant Feeling (Hotel Edward / Best Western).
NOTE: If you have any food allergies please contact us no later than 2 weeks before the training.


For accommodation in Lidköping we recommend Best Western Hotel Edward, where we have a discounted price for our participants. This is a nice hotel in the center of Lidköping, about 3 km from Ride Nordic and our training area. Accommodation is not included in the training fee, but rooms are preliminary booked at the dates for our training’s. Say Ride Nordic for discounted rates when booking.

Please note that you have to contact the hotel via Email or telephone to be able to book the preliminary booked rooms and get the discount. You can not book online. The preliminary booked rooms will be released 4 weeks before each training, so make sure to book in time! 

BEST WESTERN Edward Hotel, Skaragatan 7, 531 32 Lidköping.
Phone: +46 (0)510 79 00 00
Web site:


On your own motorcycle7 995 SEK
Including BMW GS of your own choice9 995 SEK