8 DAYS iN august / september

Iceland is one of our absolute favorite countries when it comes to adventure riding! Or what can be more adventurous than lava fields, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, river crossings and never ending dirt roads that disperses into the horizons? As always on our tours, an amazing riding experience is the top priority, but if you are in Iceland, there are of course some highlights you have to visit along the way. During this tour we ride from Selfoss, just east of Reykjavik, north via the most exciting places Iceland has to offer such as Geisyr, the waterfall Gullfoss and Unesco world heritage Þingvellir. During a long day, we then cross the Icelandic Highlands to mystical-filled Myvatn, Husavik & one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes Askja. We then cross Iceland’s remote highlands once again via even more exciting roads to finish the journey through the fairy-tale landscape Landmannalaugar.

We have put together a tour with as many highlights as humanly possible on an 8 days tour. The tours are arrange in the late summer, the only time of year when you can be sure that the snow melted on all the passes and the weather is at its best. We manly ride on gravel roads of mixed quality, but of course there will also be some asphalt. For two of the days, there are easier as well as more advanced routes as alternatives for those who wish. We always have our support vehicle with us at all time providing us with lunch, coffee, spare parts and tools if necessary. This is an intensive week of riding, and it is our strongest recommendation that you have done Rider training BASIC or ADVANCED, before your tour.

  • If you book a Rider Training, Adventure Tour or Adventure Days that is canceled due to COVID-19, you will always be able to choose between re-booking or getting a full refund!

Photo on this page: Ann Cathrin Erga, David Johansson

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The riding

The riding in Iceland mainly consists of mixed gravel roads, but we also ride some asphalt to transport us between the nice gravel roads. You don’t have to be a master on gravel to go to Iceland, but you have to feel comfortable on smaller gravel roads. Your physics should be relatively good as we sometimes ride long days. We simply have to get to the next hotel no matter what time it is. At tougher challenges such as sand and water crossings, we stop, talk about riding technique, and get through together and help each other out. Iceland is an adventure and you have to be prepared that it can sometimes be hard, but we also dare promise that you will have an absolutely amazing riding experience!

We have two long riding days during the tour as we cross the central parts of Iceland on gravel. After one of these days, you have the opportunity to choose an easier tour the next day. This is an intensive week of riding, and it is our strongest recommendation that you have done rider training BASIC or ADVANCED, before your tour.

WATER crossings, rocks AND SAND

During the tour, we pass a number of rivers we have to cross, most of them relatively easy but also a few bigger ones. The crossings vary from year to year and from day to day. When we come to the bigger river crossings, we stop and help each other and get through as a team. Some of the gravel roads we ride on are rocky, and the stones can be tough on both riders and the motorcycles, so it is important to adjust the speed to the roads and slow down when looking at the fantastic view.

Sand we really only ride during the Advanced routes you can choose two of the days. The other days and on the Basic routes we only pass a few shorter bits of sand.

Food & Hotel

Throughout the trip, we stay comfortably in a good hotels with toilet & shower on the room. Twin room are included in the price and single rooms can be booked for a supplement (see cost for this in the booking). At one point during the tour, we stay at the same hotel for two nights in a row and then you have the opportunity to take a rest day if you wish.

Breakfast is included every day and next to the hotels there are always good restaurants. Coffee and lunch we usually have with us in our support vehicle so we can stay whenever and wherever we want for lunch. During the days it´s all about getting as much energy as possible, so the lunches are simple but nutritious. The same applies to our coffee/”fika” breaks, every time we stop there is always the opportunity to get something energy-rich.

Hydration is important when you work hard and it is our strongest recommendation that you use a hydration system  and make sure to always fill it up before we leave in the morning.

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Long experience from Iceland

”The first time I visited Iceland was in 2003, only a few months after I crossed Africa from north to South on a motorcycle. The reason that I booked the tour was simply that I got really restless after I got home, and I needed a new adventure. Maybe Iceland dosen´t sounds like an adventure after Africa, but in fact I realized that after only two weeks on Iceland I had been riding on more different terrain than during six months in Africa. The riding is almost unbeatable, like riding in a fairy-tale that consists of everything you could wish for when it comes to challenges!

After my first trip to Iceland is has become many more, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 & 2018. In total I have spent more than half a year on this fantastic island, and there are always more to be fascinated over. Already in 2012 I did a scouting tour for tours to Iceland with my colleague Per Wallin. Unfortunately the following years were very busy, with the start of Touratech rider training´s and Portugal tours, so we had to put these plans on hold. But since 2016 you have the possibility to join us for motorcycle tours on Iceland, and we promise that it will be an experience that you will never forget!”

– David Johansson, CEO Ride nordic AB & Certified BMW Motorrad Tourguide.

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Full support

Our support vehicle is equipped with tools, spare parts, wheels, tires, water, coffee, snacks and lunch, which is set up at a nice spot on one of the breaks. In case of emergency, the support vehicle and the tour guides motorcycles are equipped with first-aid kits. All our tour guides are trained in first aid and CPR.


Select a day for more information.

The whole Saturday is day of arrival. Arriving in Iceland early or late is optional. We arrange transfer from Keflavik Airport several times during the day. Once in Selfoss there are both restaurants and shops within walking distance. In the evening, after dinner with you will get all the information you need about the upcoming week.


We meet in the morning and begin with a presentation of ourselves and the motorcycles. After setting the bikes up we have approximately 150 km trip ahead of us where the first part goes on asphalt/major dirt roads to Þingvellir, where the Eurasian and North american continental plates meet. The Icelandic Parliament “Alltinget” was also created here in Tingvalla in year 930. We continue the ride on more exciting dirt roads along the Langjökull glacier and you get a first feeling of what the week will offer. We will also go through some basic riding techniques for crossing sand and rivers. After lunch, we continue towards the waterfall Gullfoss and Geysir where we will, spend the night.


A long day of almost 400 km are in front of us when we first cross Iceland from south to north. The first half offers primarily easy-to-ride gravel roads through a vast landscape. At the first coffee break, we visit the thermal area of Hveravellir than ride on to pass the Blue Lake. The landscape changes and becomes greener before we reach the sea on the north side of the island. The last 200 km of the day is asphalt along road no 1, Iceland’s ring road, to Myvatn where we will stay two nights in the same hotel.

This day you have the opportunity to choose a slightly easier, but very beautiful gravel/asphalt tour of about 120 km to the city of Husavik. The tour begins with passing one of the largest thermal areas, Hverir. We than ride through beautiful nature towards Husavik. Along the way we pass both herds of sheep, a thermal power plant and today’s high light, a small “secret” thermal area where very few tourists set foot. We eat lunch in Husavik and then ride back towards Myvatn to visit Dimmuborgir, the entrance to hell according to old Icelandic faith, and the crater Hverfjall which is only a few kilometers from our hotel. In the afternoon/evening there is also the possibility to bathe at Myvatn Nature Baths for those who wish (cost applies).

If, on the other hand, you want a challenge even this day, you can join the Askja tour. After a short stop at Hverir, we follow road 1 east for about 40 km before we turn in to road 905 towards Askja. The landscape changes and after a some kilometers it feels more like riding on the moon than in Iceland! We pass impressive lava fields, some exciting sandy tracks and a couple of pretty big river crossings where we have to help each others and work as a team. After just under 300 kilometers we are back on road no 1 again and can breathe out the last bit to the hotel.

Time to head south again. Today’s route, which is about 300 km, starts with some nice asphalt to the beautiful waterfall Godafoss before we turn south on road F26 through Sprengisandur. We pass another very impressive waterfall, Aldeyjarfoss, before it is time for some 100 km ride “on your own” across the vast Icelandic highlands. We start with a bit of space so that you (or you and your friend) really get the feeling that you are alone in this the remote landscape. Our tour guides and support vehicle are of course always close by if you need assistance. After a few more exciting water crossings, where we once again help each other, and some fast gravel bits we arrive at the goal for the day, Hrauneyjar.

One of the most scenic days in Iceland for sure, approx. 200-250 km. We start by riding some kilometers north towards the crater of Mani (the Moon) and around some beautiful lakes. The trip to Mani is a bit sandy and possible to cu out if you like. After the black desert landscape, we cross Landmannalaugar via road F208 which offers plenty of small river crossings and some of Iceland’s most beautiful views. Once again we see the ocean on the south side of Iceland when we arrive at the hotel for the day.

We continue in the same spirit with wonderful gravel roads and amazing views. Today’s 250-300 km route crosses vast lava fields, exciting rivers, along Myrdalsjökul and  continues west towards Hekla. For those who have energy left there is the opportunity to follow the exciting road up to Hekla, which in clear weather offers an overwhelming view. Than it´s time to ride down towards the major roads again and the last 100 km back to Selfoss goes on asphalt.

The adventure is over, departure day. If you depart early or late is up to you, some flights also leave on the night between Friday and Saturday and of course we arrange Transfer whenever you need. Expect that there may be a bit of waiting at the airport as it is a long transfer. For those of you who leave later in the day, there is much to see in Sellfoss, but probably you are most interested in resting and thinking back on the week with a smile on your face.

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Included in the price

  • 6 days of adventure riding
  • Minimum 2 tour guides on motorcycle
  • 6 days rental of BMW GS of the newest model
  • Full motorcycle Insurance
  • Fuel for motorcycle
  • Back-up motorcycle if needed
  • Transfer from/to Reykjavik/Keflavik airport
  • 7 night accommodation in twin room
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee all riding days
  • Support vehicle incl. driver
  • Waterproof pack roll that will be transported by our support vehicle.

What is not included?

Flight to/from Keflavik*, dinners, and riding gear.

*You can fly cheap to Reykjavik/Keflavik from several destinations in Europe and most of the world.

To think about

  • Saturdays are arrival/departure days. You can arrive early or late as we arrange transfer several times during these days.
  • Remember that a travel insurance is required in case you get ill or injure yourself. Check with your insurance company.
  • It is our strongest recommendation that you have some kind of hydration system  since you need to drink a lot during the days to stay hydrated.
  • Always wear complete riding gear while riding! An approved integral or motocross helmet (flip-up helmets must be closed during all riding), approved back protector, shoulder protectors, elbow protectors, knee protectors, gloves and rugged motocross or adventure boots. The weather in Iceland can change a lot from day to day and rain is not unusual. Make sure that your clothes really are waterproof. Waterproof socks are also a recommendation since we often ride through water. The temperature can vary from 0 to 25 degrees Celsius, so you need to be well prepared. An electric heating vest can also be useful on a cold day. All motorcycles are equipped with DIN-sockets.
  • If you have any food allergies please lets us know at latest 2 weeks ahead of your tour and we will adopt the food for you.
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Incl. BMW R1250 GS59 900 SEK
Incl. BMW R1250 GS Adventure59 900 SEK